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A pile of shoes

The State of the Mind

De-cluttering as an exercise in clearing our mind Clutterers, let’s come out of the closet! For those of us with an attachment to stuff, and in possession of headless dolls, yellowed newspaper clippings and multiple sets of dishes, it’s time to crawl out from under the piles and admit that all of this clutter is […]

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Know Love

Happy Valentine’s Day

What is love, anyway? According to the calendar, ‘tis the season of love. For many of us, February conjures up sentimental memories of those little boxes of heart-shaped candies printed with strange sayings, white paper doilies, and shoeboxes stuffed with Peanuts Valentine cards. This year, my memories also include a not-so-nostalgic reminder that two years […]

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Moving forward

Time to move on

10 ways to deal with undesirable outcomes The presidential election is over and done, and in my opinion, it’s time to move on, whatever that means for you. For some of us it means getting involved in local politics; for others it may mean attending the Million Woman March in Washington D.C. the day after […]

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Gratitude List


A simple, yet profound practice For many of us, Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. Maybe it’s yours? If so, is it the mashed potatoes, the pumpkin pie or the chance to reflect on all of life’s blessings? Oh yeah, that. Sometimes, we’re too busy to be thankful. Sometimes, things suck. When times are rough, or […]

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Lisa & Mom on vacation


How much of what we say doesn’t need to be said? I recently returned from a 10-day European trip with my mother through Iceland, Dublin, and the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. This was the fourth year we’ve done some variation of this pilgrimage to the Isle of Anglesey, from where my mom’s great-grandfather emigrated […]

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St. Anthony's Cemetery

Being in the Moment      

And what does that really mean anyway? Labor Day weekend I drove from my home in Kansas City to attend a funeral for an elderly relative in a small Iowa town near where I grew up. I’m embarrassed to admit that as I pulled into the parking lot of the church on a glorious late […]

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A Trip to India

To be alone On my recent trip to Dubai where I was teaching yoga workshops with my good friend Cheryl Parsons of the Peace Lily, I had a few unscheduled days. Days I could have easily whiled away breakfasting with friends, lounging on the beach, or spending money in one of the city’s many air-conditioned […]

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Trust in the Process – How Yoga Helps us Process Life

My shoulders have always been tight, but recently, they’ve gotten worse. Now they are really tight and seem to be crying out for my attention: “We’re carrying the weight of your world and we can’t take it any longer!” I’m going through a divorce, and truthfully, it sucks. While the optimist in me has uncovered […]

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