Just Do It!


Lisa shares her insight into what winter across in the snowy Midwest has taught her about her practice… 

Spring is just around the corner. I’m sure of it. I saw a robin yesterday, and she told me so. But here in Kansas City, where I’m currently living, we’ve had a tough go of winter with big snows and near-Arctic temperatures; it snowed again just yesterday!

As I no longer reside in Dubai, but in Middle America, winter is part of life. I may not like it when temperatures hover below 32° Fahrenheit, (that’s 0° Celsius to some of you!) but I have to make peace with it. As we approach the second half of March with a dusting of the white stuff on the ground, I’m resolving to consider winter as part of my practice, like doing my asana or sitting on my meditation cushion. I can’t fight it so why not embrace it? Every time I pull on my big long down coat and don my hat to head out into the sharp air with my dog, Oscar, I’m observing my breath and my thoughts and realizing this is simply part of my yoga.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness aren’t about accomplishing complicated postures on your mat, standing on your hands or going for 10 days without talking. There is so much more to this sacred practice. A solid practice can help us through the freezing temperatures of a lingering winter as well as the tough times in our lives; and it teaches us, that like everything, winter will pass. We simply have to do the practice.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”  John Steinbeck 


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