Lisa on KCUR's Central Standard

On the Air – Lisa featured on KCUR

Lisa discusses the healthiest dishes in KC restaurants

Lisa on KCUR's Central StandardI recently had the pleasure of joining Gina Kaufman, host of Central Standard on Kansas City’s KCUR, to discuss the healthiest food options in KC restaurants. As always, it’s a ton of fun being on the show talking about something I love – food, particularly food that’s healthy and delicious.

I opened the show by saying, “I believe there are so many personal definitions of what ‘healthy’ is. Every individual has to make their own choice and have their own personal philosophy.”

Whether we’re a vegetarian, vegan, carnivore or pescetarian (like me), what matters is actually having a food philosophy, and being mindful about our food choices.

You can listen to the podcast of the program and see my list of healthy dishes in Kansas City restaurants HERE.


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