On the Bus

Vlog—On the Bus

A trip to Ireland, public transportation and what’s up with the rush?

On the Bus

Recent world events may have us shaken, and rightfully so. When the world seems crazy and uncertain, it’s all the more important to make time for grounding practices. This could include yoga, meditation and writing a gratitude list each and every day. There are far too many horrible incidents taking place, but there is still beauty in our world. When exposed to endless reports of doom and despair, it can be easy to feel helpless and hopeless. Reconnecting to our mindfulness practice is one way to help us feel solid, even if the earth seems to be shaking beneath us.

Another way to feel more grounded is to renew our commitment to what’s important. I renewed mine recently by taking time off of work to travel with some of the important people in my life. It can be hard to counter our drive to succeed and please with what may seem like a frivolity, when there’s nothing frivolous about creating the opportunity to make memories and connect with those you love.

As we approach cooler weather, shorter days and longer nights, it’s natural for us to turn inward and even hibernate just a bit. This change of seasons sets the perfect backdrop for examining our priorities and asking ourselves if they align with where we’re spending our time and resources.

Quiet time, perhaps in the now darkening hours of the morning, can help us identify what matters most, and shed light on the fact that the glass is half empty, yet always half full. If we’ve gotten off track, the best time to return is always now.

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