For a real margarita you need real tequila, which is made from 100% agave. If it doesn’t say 100% agave it’s not real tequila – but the hangover will be real.

Groovy Guacamole

Groovy Guacamole and Marvelous Margaritas


  • 1. Combine lime juice, tequila and orange liqueur in a stainless steel cocktail shaker.
  • 2. Pour a little salt into a shallow dish.
  • 3. Run a lime wedge around the rim of each glass and dip the rim in the salt.
  • 4. Add the ice cubes to the cocktail shaker, then shake shake shake until your hand can’t stand the cold. This will take about 30 seconds depending on how tough you are.
  • 5. Add a few ice cubes and a lime wedge to each glass, if desired, and strain in the margaritas. If you’re a serious margarita connoisseur serve straight up in chilled martini glasses. You can also add a splash of pomegranate juice to add some color.
  • 6. Salut!