“Lisa gets it. Starting her career in a high stress corporate sales position, Lisa understands the pressures executives are under these days.  What I liked about working with her was that she met me where I was and offered simple, practical approaches to physical and mental health.”
~ Jane, Human Resources Executive, Kansas City 

“Lisa has such a beautiful way of making yoga real…she gives you the tools and awareness to make yoga a part of your every day life. I am so grateful I found such a caring and inspiring teacher who encourages me to keep going.”
~ Sandy, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Dubai

” Yesterday, I had an amazing private yoga lesson with Lisa Murphy. I loved it and I love her. If you’re in need of some yoga therapy, I highly recommend her!”
~ Sabrena, Senior Exercise Scientist, Seattle

“Lisa is a charming and creative yoga teacher. I have taken classes and workshops with her many times. Her classes are always inspiring and creative. She likes to throw in a few poses I’ve never tried before which is always fun. Although Lisa is sincere and keeps the class sacred, she is also light-hearted and quick with a smile and a little joke.”
~ Kelli, Doctor of Chiropractic, Kansas City

“I so appreciate you and your energy, especially the fact that in this incredibly vulnerable state, I feel completely safe in your class. I need that in order to heal… I am so thankful. One step at a time.”
~ Laura, Publishing Designer, Kansas City