CORPORATE HEALTH & WELLNESSInvest in the health and well-being of your leaders and employees with a wellness plan based on your organization’s specific needs and goals
FOOD & NUTRITIONCreate a new approach to your eating habits with customized cooking classes, food and nutrition services for individuals, small groups and corporations.
MINDFULNESS & STRESS MANAGEMENTManage stress and worry with short, simple exercises that will help you find balance and happiness at home, at work, in your relationships, and most importantly, within yourself.
YOGA: Engage in mindful movement to improve physical fitness, reduce stress and achieve mental clarity with customized yoga programs for individuals, small groups and corporations.  

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How much of what we say doesn’t need to be said? I recently returned from...

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Being in the Moment      

And what does that really mean anyway? Labor Day weekend I drove from my home...

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A Trip to India

To be alone On my recent trip to Dubai where I was teaching yoga workshops...

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