Keeping it Real

Vlog – #keepingitreal

No editing; I’m keeping it real Keeping it Real I’ve been on Instagram a lot lately promoting my upcoming Middle East workshops. And I’ve fallen into the classic social media pitfall: while perusing others’ feeds, I’ve felt that mine isn’t good enough. While the pictures of my standard poodle Oscar are cute, where’s my theme? […]

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Vlog—On the Bus

A trip to Ireland, public transportation and what’s up with the rush? On the Bus Recent world events may have us shaken, and rightfully so. When the world seems crazy and uncertain, it’s all the more important to make time for grounding practices. This could include yoga, meditation and writing a gratitude list each and […]

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Lisa on KCUR's Central Standard

On the Air – Lisa featured on KCUR

Lisa discusses the healthiest dishes in KC restaurants I recently had the pleasure of joining Gina Kaufman, host of Central Standard on Kansas City’s KCUR, to discuss the healthiest food options in KC restaurants. As always, it’s a ton of fun being on the show talking about something I love – food, particularly food that’s healthy and delicious. […]

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One camel said to the other

Humor as Deflection

Is it worth a chuckle? Or simply a form of denial? My former boyfriend (FBF) and I had a difference that caused a recurring issue: when I had something weighing on my mind, he liked to keep things light and playful. When I needed to express something potentially difficult to say or hear, his response, […]

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Dirty Dozen 2017 – To buy or not to buy organic?

Eating organic can be confusing, time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, each year the Environmental Working Group makes it easier by publishing it’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists. What’s the big deal with pesticides? Pesticides are poison. They are made to kill living things. If that isn’t barbaric-sounding enough, independent researchers and medical professionals have […]

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A pile of shoes

The State of the Mind

De-cluttering as an exercise in clearing our mind Clutterers, let’s come out of the closet! For those of us with an attachment to stuff, and in possession of headless dolls, yellowed newspaper clippings and multiple sets of dishes, it’s time to crawl out from under the piles and admit that all of this clutter is […]

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Know Love

Happy Valentine’s Day

What is love, anyway? According to the calendar, ‘tis the season of love. For many of us, February conjures up sentimental memories of those little boxes of heart-shaped candies printed with strange sayings, white paper doilies, and shoeboxes stuffed with Peanuts Valentine cards. This year, my memories also include a not-so-nostalgic reminder that two years […]

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Moving forward

Time to move on

10 ways to deal with undesirable outcomes The presidential election is over and done, and in my opinion, it’s time to move on, whatever that means for you. For some of us it means getting involved in local politics; for others it may mean attending the Million Woman March in Washington D.C. the day after […]

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